The address of the Prime Minister of Romanov Empire, Anton Bakov, to the crypto-enthusiast community

“In 1991 I created a private currency, the Ural Francs, which were inuse until 2000 on a territory larger than Belgium.

But it was only your generation that was able to realize such a grandiose project, which predeterminedthe future development of mankind centuriesin advance. You created cryptocurrencies and the virtually universal blockchain technology.

Sadly, these ingenious inventions, which were created through the efforts of genius mind sall across the world, were met ambiguously by office holders: some ban cryptocurrencies and destroy your fortunes. Others tax or plan to tax you with fiat taxes, in order to bring down cryptocurrencies and destroy your fortunes. Two approaches with the same finale. Blockchain itself is used like any non-patented technology – in governmental projects, earning “stars” and “regalia”.

The community is not able to with stand the attacks on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from the side of states, who do not care about your interests and investments. As of today there is no legal way to defend these interests on a national level, as the adversaries are the ones who write the laws.

The best defence is offence! In order to even out the odds, one has to be on the same level. In order to withstand the attacks of states, it is crucial to stop being just a community of citizens of 200 countries. No! We need our own state!

If only one of the states would be able to recognize some sort of cryptocurrency as their state currency, like Dollar, Euro, YenorYuan. Then the whole giant, immobile international legislation, international banks and trade organizations, courts and tax services would rise up to defend the owners of this cryptocurrency!

Wehavespent 6 yearsconstructing a new type of state – Romanov Empire. Don’t fear the word empire though, many dictatorships call themselves a democratic republic. We create an alliance of small states, each of which will conduct their own policy and national cryptocurrency.

Romanov Empire is the first state that is founded on the principles of tolerance to be lief, national and race, where discrimination towards sexual orientationorage isforbidden. We create states that do not take a third of the GOP for their budget, but get income from the provision of real services.

December 1st, 2017, the Memorandum about recognition was signed with The Gambia. We were assigned 10 km² of shallow waters to create artificial islands in the Atlantic Ocean. We have to pay 60 million USD to the budget of The Gambia and spend over 100 Million USD on construction work.

When will these investments return, if we create poor states, which don’t takea major part of their citizens’in comes as taxe sand office holder salaries? Never! This is why we prepare for ICO and each of our tokens is a square meter on one of the islands. The new states will be situated on your private land!

A buyer of over 10 tokens will receive citizenship for one person.

No, this isn’t a developer project. This is a logical evolution in the world of cryptocurrency and a real possibility of protecting assets by using international law.

The imperial currency will be Bitcoin, possibly other cryptocurrencies can be used as currency of the new states that will be part of Romanov Empire. The status of a national currency will protect its owners.

We are conducting talks about recognition with a dozen of states. We are to join the UN, Interpol and other international organizations. We protect our token buyers and citizens.

TodayIhavebeenelectedasapresidential candidate in Russia. It is well known that the next president will be Putin. To me this is only a method of establishing talks with him. Obviously I will not be included in the final election list and no one will be able to vote for me. I honestly state that I do not need your votes, I only need your money.

In case of success of the ICO offered byus, agiantst eptowards cryptocurrency and crypto-capital legalization will be made.

Yours truly, Anton Bakov”

The project team

Prince Karl Emich Nikolaus Friedrich Hermann Prinz zu Leiningen
Emperor Nicholas III
Prince Anton Bakov
Prime Minister
Prince Ilya Bakov
Minister of Investments
Mikhail Bakov
Sergey Klinoshkov
Gleb Baybaev
Elisabeth Khitrova
Vasiliy Alekseev
Mikhail Verskajn
Minister of the Imperial Court and Imperial Fiefs
Kirill Zhesterov
Minister of justice
Maxim Pankov
Website development
Julia Zaderyaka
International PR
Alexey Klimov
Svyatoslav Malyshevkiy
The project lawyer
Alexander Naumov
Blockchain lead
Tatyana Ignatova
Minister of Finances
Mikhail Strass
Minister of Agriculture
Stanislav Belkovsky
Vice – Chairman
Modou Lamin Saidykhan
Minister of foreign affairs
Nicholas Kungurov
Chairman of the Ruling Senate