Why an Empire? An Empire is the most flexible form of state composition. It allows for the creation of federations of free cities, democratic republics, monarchic principalities.
Who are the people in the government? The Government of Romanov Empire consist of citizens of Russia, Germany, The Gambia and the United Kingdom. The Government was formed in 2014, as a result of consultation between the Governing Senate and the Emperor.
Why monarchy? Our project is anti-bureaucratical, we engage ourselves for a sustainable, effective and modern administration. Our monarchy is free from archaic elements. At the core, any successful corporation or strong force is like a monarchy with strong authoritarian leaders, who are fully responsible for results.
Why the rebirth of the Romanov dynasty? The Romanov dynasty is closely tied to all European monarchies and serves as a great communicator in the establishment of relations with traditional governments.
Why Africa/The Gambia? Great climate, GMT, seashore that allows for the use of maritime logistics. A stable British political system.
Why can this team build a new state? We are the first team in the world to establish a recognized state without conflict, using only diplomatic methods.
Why can this team construct an island? The construction of artificial islands is a quite common real estate development branch. The team has 30 years of development experience, from thousands of smaller scale suburban real estate development projects, to the large-scale private international airport development project “Domodedovo”.
Who is responsible for international relations? Prime Minister Anton Bakov has a vast experience of international diplomatic relations and talks on the head of state level. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, ModouLaminSaidykhan has thorough professional relationships with Commonwealth and ECOWAS states, as well as the US.
Is there support by other countries? This is currently in a lengthy talks phase. Our ties to Macedonia, Montenegro, Kiribati and Antigua and Barbuda let us hope for a successful recognition byy these and other countries all across the globe.
When will the contract with The Gambia be signed? The Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation, which serves as diplomatic recognition, was signed December 1st, 2017. The main contract as specified in the Memorandum, will be signed by both parties until December 31st ,2018.
What is the current status of Romanov Empire? Partially recognized state.
Are there any large-scale investors? (Institutional, corporate) The Romanovs, the Bakovs, as well as other investors from Europe and Russia.
What are the milestones for the near future (roadmap)? In the coming months we will work on establishing diplomatic relationships with other countries. We will also begin the preparations for artificial island construction.
What is the value for investors? Firstly, the success of the project will increase the legalization efforts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on an international level, which is beneficial to all cryptocurrency holders. Secondly the tokens themselves are equivalent to island territory, will grow in value and can be sold with significant revenue. Thirdly, investors who acquire citizenship of Romanov Empire will become the citizens of the most advanced state, will gain freedom and rights that are inaccessible to citizens of other developed countries in the same sense.
How can one obtain a passport? For passport and citizenship questions please refer to: citizenship@romanovempire.com
Why does the project founder participate in the Russian presidential campaign? The Russian elections have long lost all competitiveness, but can still serve as a platform for popularizing a project. By participating as a candidate in the presidential election, Anton Bakov has gained the possibility to bring forth his views and information about the project to the young, progressive and large society of cryptocurrency holders, IT specialists and wealthy modern thinkers.