The Future has come. Atlantis Island is a new territory in the Atlantic Ocean, with a unique economic and political structure, which has no analogy worldwide. The most advanced innovations of mankind will be assembled within the framework of an innovative city, which will be created from scratch, in order to provide ideal living, leisure and work conditions.

The first step in the realization of the project is the signing of an agreement with the Government of The Gambia considering the right to acquisition of coastal waters territory and the island filling of the necessary territory for the first stage of Atlantis island. The prospected area of the landfill will be 1,800,000 m² in a subequatorial climate with a mean annual temperature of 27°C.

The realization of this project will mark a new pivotal point in the economic development of the region and will serve as a pilot project for building cities for the dwelling of the creators of our future, the thinkers of tomorrow. The African continent, a mother to human civilization will usher in our next evolutionary step – the ever learning, innovating and evolving human – Homo Sapiens 2.0!

Along the lines of the project, it is planned to create a new island infrastructure for residence and business, in particular:

– residential sections for private, ecologically sustainable housing
– apartment complexes with the most daring self-sustaining concepts, for example through hanging garden micro-farming
– the creation of an infrastructure that allows for comfortable municipal climate, including full use of solar panels and the utilization of currents and wind energy
– the creation of a business project realization platform, along with the biggest convention centre in the region
– the creation of a resort with high-class hotels and entertainment centres

The project is committed to the full use of the most advanced technologies:

– the creation of self-sustaining energy infrastructure, by usage of alternative energy sources and renewable energy carriers;
– architectural development of innovative construction methods and the creation of a Smart City cycle, the first on the African continent;
– development of an innovative economic system, based on cryptocurrency. Acceptance of Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies as state currency/legal tender;
– the creation of an open administrative governance system, based on a constitutional monarchy;
– the creation of an open construction financing system, along the principles of an ICO, which will allow a large circle of investors, both professional and retail, to support the project and get revenue from token realization, each one of which is equivalent to 1m² of island territory

Our road lies ahead of us. Together we can make a new future reality. Join us today!