Startup Societies Podcast – Anton & Ilya Bakov – The Romanov Empire

The American Startup Societies Foundation from Utah came into contact with the Government of Romanov Empire and posted an English-language interview with Anton and Ilya Bakov in the form of a podcast. According to the foundation, just like business startups, startup societies are: Small; Experimental; Often focused on technology; Responsive to those they serve; Useful if they fail because they provide data when they do; Able to generate enormous prosperity when they succeed.


Назначен официальный представитель Романовской Империи в Республику Северная Македония

Официальным представителем Романовской Империи в Республике Северная Македония назначен Бенито Доки (Benito Doqi). Главной задачей представительства станет установление дипломатических отношений и безвизового режима между Романовской империей и Северной Македонией, а также обмен Посольствами.


Создан сайт Императорской герольдии

Герольдмейстер и директор Императорской герольдии Евгений Валерьевич Алексеев (Евгений Алексеев (Eugeniy Alexeev)) официально открыл сайт Романовской Императорской Герольдии.


Official report to the Archchancellor

Your Serene Highness. Good to hear from you! I am very ok and my regards to all at Romanov Empire. The processes are being followed and on a weekly basis I am calling and engaging the people at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The issues are technical. I am hopeful and working very hard but they are bit on the back pedals about my promises. I urge you to empower me to get the job done if you really trust me. Have a blessed day! Momodou Camara, the Honorary Consul of The Gambia in Romanov Empire


The State is You!

Anton Bakov wrote the book “The State is You!” about the details of the creation of Romanov Empire. As stated in the annotation to the publication on the Ridero website, “the action of an adventurous epic unfolds on four oceans and five continents.”


The Republic of The Gambia appointed Mamadou Camara the Honorary Consul in Romanov Empire

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Prince Anton Bakov, said that His Serene Highness welcomes and approves the growth of diplomatic personnel from The Gambia, as is known, the first country to establish full diplomatic relations with the Empire.


Chairman of the council of ministers prince A.A. Bakov signed the law “On the diplomatic representation of international business in Romanov Empire”

On November 12, after an almost 3-month discussion, the Governing Senate voted for the law “On the Diplomatic Representation of International Business in Romanov Empire”, also known as the law on globalization, with 28 votes. On November 20, the law was signed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Publication of the law on globalization and its entry into force are expected in early December 2018.


The governing senate passed a law on the diplomatic representation of business.

After almost 3 months of discussion, the Governing Senate, with 28 votes, voted for the law “On the Diplomatic Representation of International Business in Romanov Empire,” also known as the law on globalization. As indicated in the explanatory note, the influence and capital of many international corporations nowadays exceed the capabilities of most of the states that have been protagonists of international relations for many centuries. But not all states are beneficiaries of globalization. Some countries receive additional financial and human resources, and some lose them. More



In the Romanov Empire, mourning and memorial events are held to commemorate the anniversary of the Bolshevik coup, the beginning of the red terror and totalitarian communism.


Македония. Возвращаясь к истокам Империи!

История Империи, той самой, единственной, в которой мы все и по сей день живём, началась с грандиозного экспорта греческой культуры и экономики македонским царем и первым императором всего известного мира Александром Великим. И хотя политическое и религиозное единство этой великой Империи так и не сложилось, но заложенные ещё тогда экономические и культурные связи делают наш мир тем, что он есть. More


Imperial official representative appointed in Armenia

Mher Grigoryan was appointed the new official representative of Romanov Empire in Armenia.


Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Romanov Empire Prince A. A. Bakov appealed to His Imperial Majesty Sovereign Nicholas the Third with a petition for conferring the title of Countess to Natalya Vladimirovna Poklonskaya, a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, for a heroic civil position in voting against raising the retirement age.


Congratulations To Macedonians!

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Romanov Empire Prince Anton Bakov congratulated the Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev with historic success in the referendum on September 30, 2018.