Romanov Empire is the youngest country on Earth. December 1st, 2017 it was recognized by The Republic of The Gambia and is currently in talks about establishing diplomatic relations with other countries. The Empire is to be situated on an archipelago of artificial islands in the Atlantic Ocean on the shore of The Gambia, with an overall territory of 10 km². The national currency of Romanov Empire is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The Emperor is Nicholas III, a descendant of the Russian Romanov Emperors. The Prime Minister is Prince Anton Bakov.

Romanov Empire is the first country in the world which is entirely founded on the principles of tolerance to beliefs, nationality and race, where discrimination towards gender, age or sexual orientation is prohibited. Romanov Empire welcomes all progressive and free people from all over the world to become its citizens.

Road map

Autumn 2012
Presentation of the concept to the Government of The Gambia. The Government issued an approval to conduct a research and a feasibility study of the Project.
February 2013
Research phase: Conduction of the bathymetric research on-site.
May 2013
​EIA analysis phase: Large construction projects which can influence the environment in the area should pass the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure.
March 2014
​Foundation of Romanov Empire
September 2015
Approval of the development project the President of the Gambia
2016 – 2017
Project related research, development of concept, contractor search, calculation of estimates
1 December 2017
The signing of the Memorandum on Friendship and Cooperation between the Romanov Empire and the Republic of the Gambia